Friday, April 1, 2016

What a surprise: Sabathia is the fifth starter

Goodness gracious! Who saw that coming? CC Sabathia has won the vaunted spring training competition to become the Official Fifth Starter of the New York Yankees. It's like being Bigelow Tea, except he's a pitcher. What an upset! Did anyone think CC could possibly make it? He's the Comeback Kid! The bookmakers in Vegas are going to lose their shirts. Only goes to show you: You can't predict baseball.

(For whatever it's worth, I appreciate the fact that Sabathia is getting the shot. From his work over the years, he certainly has earned it. But I hate this Gammonitic-fed crapola about a "competition" to see who would "win" the fifth starter slot. It was always going to be Sabathia. Everybody knew it. What a joke.)


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But only because Mitchell got hurt. That made it easy.