Sunday, April 3, 2016

Yanks Bank $12.95 as season opener approaches

This morning Hal ( " I'm not cheap" ) Steinbrenner and his alter ego ( also named Hal ) banked the cash from the sale of excess catcher Cocoran.  He was sold to some team in Florida for about the cost of a big mac breakfast and coffee.  No players.  No future picks.  No artwork.

That means, if my reasoning is correct, that Austine Romine made the team ( again?).  It is always a relief when a formerly highly-touted, Yankee catcher prospect actually makes the team.  Jesus, as we all know, never did.  Sanchez hasn't yet, due to his .048 spring training batting average.  John Ryan is gone, etc., etc.  I don't think any catchers remain in our highly rated minor league system.

CC ( on the rocks ) Sabathia, having been named our 5th starter ( how much do we usually pay 5th starters? ), must have celebrated last night somewhere.  Chocolate milk anyone?  Ding dongs?

Ivan Nova, now in his seventh season of despair, has no role and will likely soon be found in CC's old room up at Silver Hill. Were I he, I would drink heavily ( hee, hee ).

 What did Joe tell him?

" Don't worry Ivan, we expect to be down by 6 or more runs early, all the time.  And that's when we'll need you.  To hold things close until we catch up .  Think of yourself as the hispanic Adam Warren."

Apparently Chase Headley has the flu and could miss tomorrow's start in the icebox.  He is no fool.  If I read the paper correctly, tomorrow's Yankee opener begins at 8:30pm. My guess; 28 degrees with a wind-chill of about 14. The Astros have already cancelled today's workout ( snow ).  This will certainly be a test of that partial tear in Tanka's elbow.  Nothing like a brittle ligament.

When we wake up in the morning, we won't be in last place.  Something to celebrate.

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