Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday "Nothing Happened Yesterday" Wrap-up

Hardworking Panda Bear is now so thin Redsocks will rename him "Kellyanne."

Under owner-friendly financial structure, middling teams go nowhere. Welcome to MLB version of the NBA, where selloffs are the new norm. White Sox just the latest. (Essay question: Did the Yankees wait too long to see this? Boston certainly understood it.)

NYC politician grumbles about signing girlfriend-choker Aroldis. Insult to fans, bad message to children, poor role model, etc. I get it. But didn't we already do this?

Showalter "throws shade" at Yanks. (Who made up that a phrase? Beyonce?) Buck says Evils won't trade with O's, unless it's somebody "they wanted to pass off on us." True dat. Can we give them Hicks?

ESPN thumbsucker on worthiness of big bullpen contracts. Lotsa numbers. Made my head hurt. WAR, WPA, wOBA, wRC+... Trust me, you'll get more answers in a PBR.

John Sickels rates Top 20 Yankee prospects. Always entertaining parlor game. So much future star dust, read it with a whisk broom.

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