Thursday, December 8, 2016

We just got killed in the Rule 5 draft

We lost:

Luis Torrens, 20, a high-ceiling, highly-sought catching prospect. This really sucks... though it might be temporary. To keep him, the Reds (correction: He was later traded to San Diego) must stash Torrens on their 25-man roster all season, and he's barely played above Single A. It's hard to imagine him ready to catch at the major level.

The last time the Yankees were so crappy that they drafted kids and held them all year was terrible, horrible, rotten 1967 - the heart of the Hoss Clarke Era - when they drafted Charles Sands and Frank Tepedino, both 19. Neither played a lick all season, and neither had a meaningful MLB career. Basically, sitting on the bench all year gained them nothing.

This totally sucks. To stash any kid all year is tough for a major league team - if San Diego had a one.

Also, we lost...

Tyler Jones, 27, a RH-pitching lug nut, to Arizona.

Caleb Smith, 25, a LH version of Tyler Jones, to Milwaukee (later traded to Cubs)

Tyler Webb, 26, a LH combination of Tyler Jones and Caleb Smith, to Pittsburgh.

Amazingly, nobody selected Jake Cave, the lefty OF who played last year in Scranton. If Gardy gets traded, and we face injuries in the OF, Cave could actually become a cog.

In the minor league phase of the draft, we lost hard-luck pitcher Ty Hensley, 23, our first-round draft pick in 2012. Poor guy, it was one thing after another. What is it with guys named Ty? In one morning, it's as if our entire stock of Ty's has been depleted!


Anonymous said...

Who says Frank Tepedino didn't have a meaningful MLB career? I remember him clearly. After retiring, he became a NYC firefighter. Although he had retired from that job by 2001, he drove to the World Trade Center site on 9/11, as soon as he learned about the attack.

He didn't put up big numbers, but the Yankees should be congratulated for having found him (and maybe, also, for trading him for Pat Dobson).

Alphonso said...

Why is it the Yankees always get screwed on everything?

It's not as if we have been unusually successful in the drafts, making trades, or signing FA's.

Could this be due to sloppy management? To the inability to judge talent?

Are we secretly developing talent, only to lose them in Rule 5 situations?

Do we just suck as an organization?

Is democracy dead?

Anonymous said...