Thursday, November 30, 2017

Carlos Beltran would make a fine Yankee manager

Remember the night in 2014 when Carlos Beltran somersaulted over that rinky-dink right field wall at Tropicana Field, chasing a foul? He'd been hitting, looking good in the outfield - until that moment. From then on, he slumped, and it cost him the season. Still, Beltran was old outfielder giving us everything he had, and if becomes a young Yankee manager, that's what he'll do again.

So... do it, already. Sign him! What are we waiting for?

I'm starting to wonder about this managerial reality TV show, now entering its second month. The public line goes that the Yankees interviewed Beltran this week as a show of their respect - that at age 40 and only months into retirement - he's not really a viable candidate. (Like, he's supposed to go manage Scranton?) If so, that's a questionable public strategy. You don't invite all the ladies to your house, tell them you love them, and then call Ubers for all but one. 

Right now, Cooperstown Cashman - Baseball America's 2017 Executive of the Year - is enjoying unrivaled success, power and job security. He's about to sign a contract extension with a pile of zeros and probably some juicy non-firing clauses. The Yankees will enter 2018 as favorites, and their farm system is popping. Everything is working... but I wonder: Is Cashman starting to enjoy this managerial search? Is this becoming his victory lap? Because if there is one thing that continually brings down the Yankees, it is front office hubris. It's the idea that we'll give Jacoby Ellsbury a seven-year deal, and everything will work out fine, because - hey, hey, we're the Yankees.

Seems to me, every one of the managerial candidates thus far interviewed would do just fine. That means when the final choice is announced, several great future managers may always feel a little extra desire to show the Yankees that they made a bad decision. We already face Buck Showalter, who will go to his grave trying to get back at us. Do we want more jilted suitors out there? 


TheWinWarblist said...

Doomed. We are doomed. All is loss and blackness.

Alphonso said...

If Brian gets overly " heady" about his power, wealth and influence, we may all suffer the consequences.