Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Latest Poll...

Which will you have first?

1.  Tree from forest?

2.  New Yankee manager?

3.  Hangover?

4.  Indigestion?

5.  Gifts to return?

6.  Scorn from family for Holiday behavior?

7.  New puppy?

8.  Frostbite?



Anonymous said...


13bit said...

I'm praying for the new puppy. Honest. Been looking for a while.

Anonymous said...

No contest: indigestion. LB (No J)

Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

Got the puppy 4 weeks ago, does that still count?

Pics on request.
@13bit: you're welcome to come and play........

Alphonso said...

Well, it counts, in a way. Did you have a turkey for dinner this past Thursday?

You had to be in the Thanksgiving Day/Turkey poll before you can enter the Xmas poll.

Otherwise, you could always claim to be the first to identify the new Yankee manager.

Who, I predict, will be Dutch.

Or have the nickname, " Dutch".

Remember " Dutch " Leonard?

Remember Van Goch? Or was he from Holland?