Friday, November 24, 2017

IT IS HIGH Holiday Gift Giving Guide: What the Yankees need this Black Friday

1. A general manager who isn't afraid to pull the trigger on trades.

2. An all-star second-baseman 

3. A manager who can charm Suzyn in the pre-game show.

4. A young CC Sabathia

5. A clubhouse presence with a keen understanding of Latino players.

6. A young announcer who can someday take over for The Master.

7. A way to convince Shohei Otani not to sign with the Texas Rangers.

8. A potential replacement for Suzyn.

9. An owner willing to spend.

10. Just a doggone happy face!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the lauph.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Okay, okay, so back to business.

These are the questions before us:

—Would it be worthwhile to sign Yu Darvish just to ensure we get Ohtani? Darvish certainly lost a lot of cred this World Series, but he's still coming back from Tommy John, and will probably be better next year. And even if we do re-sign CC, he's likely just going to be around for one more year, right?

—Is there any imaginable deal we WOULD make for Giancarlo Stanton? Say, Clint Frazier, Ellsbury, and Headley? I know, I know, that's pure fantasy. But is there something we would do...?

—How CAN we get rid of Ellsbury?