Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Angels rob Yanks of fake 2020 free agent austerity excuse

Mike Trout is signing an extension.

There go all those fake excuses that the Yankees would be cutting payroll and saving up their money to sign him.

Zack Grienke.
Yu Darvish.
J.D. Martinez.
Patrick Corbin.

Clayton Kershaw.
DJ LeMahieu.
Manny Machado.
Bryce Harper.
Nolan Arenado.

Mike Trout.


KD said...

Who needs such over-hyped talent? I'm sure our beautiful mind statisticians can pull a number from their ass with a lofty-sounding acronym and "prove" that Hicks is a better CF for us than Trout could ever be.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Part of the problem is cASSman's huge ego. His ego has priority over the Yankees. Hicks is one of cASSman's moderate success stories along with Voit. Regardless of how well Bird does, he will not be the starting first baseball man because cASSman did not "find" him. I think that's the reason Harper was not signed because cASSman's ego will not allow him to replace Hicks. The long term contract for Jacoby Hicks was a mistake. The Yankees need left-handed bats. All their past successes came when they had left-handed bats. They also need top-of-the-line pitching, not another Jaime Garcia.

HoraceClarke66 said...

El Duque, you clearly have not been keeping up with the latest developments at the Miles Monroe Cryogenics, Reanimation, and Cloning Laboratory.

Word is, a reanimated Ted Williams and a cloned Babe Ruth are going to be coming hot off the petri dish next spring. When it comes time to sign them, who'll be laughing THEN?

True, Teddy Ballgame will be just a head, but he will still be able to get down the first-base line faster than the Gleyber did against Boston last year, and still able to play a better left field and strike out less often than Stanton.

Carl Weitz said...
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Carl Weitz said...

LOLOL Horace!

My apology to Walter but this gives new meaning to the nickname " No Neck Williams".

Anonymous said...



Vampifella said... 2021 dream is shattered...Mookie...please be the next Red Sox defector! We'll love you long time like Boggs, Damon and Clemens! Just don't become an Ellsbury on us!