Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Joltin' Joe can sleep in grave: Magical Ichiro streak has ended

It's over. It couldn't last forever. But what memories: that slap single against Seattle in his first game, that infield hit in Boston, that dinkler against Baltimore, or the pop that was lost in the sun against Seattle. Wow. Gooseflesh. Just thinking about The Streak makes me wanna make another trade with Seattle. We always do so well...

Over his incredible span, Ichiro amassed 2 RBIs. He didn't walk. Not once. Nosir. Not gonna let some pitcher take the bat out of his paws. Ichiro stole three bases and was thrown out once. That's three for four! And over The Streak, his onbase percentage soared from a meager .288 to a robust .289.

During The Streak, Ichiro twice came to bat five times! That's Horace Clarke territory! (Note: Back in the glory days, The Hoss used to lead the league in At Bats.)

It was hard to lose last night. But not to worry. I sense a new streak starting up, any day now.

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