Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lalalalala. Yanks holding 5-game lead in Wild Card standings

Wow. Vicodan is great. You pop a couple tabs of that stuff, and it really opens up your sinesses... So, where were we...?

Ah, yes...With the expected return of veteran superstar CC Sabathia, the Bombers have to be feeling clucky about their 5-game lead in the AL Wild Card races. They have the luxury of penciling in CC for that all-important single game season, then having Hiroki Kuroda start game one of the actual playoffs!

Looks like we'll play Baltimore or California in that Wild Card Game. Right now, we'd have home field advantage, although there's still 38 games to play. Take nothing for granted, Yankiverse!

So... will we be facing Jered Weaver? Or do we have to start looking at the Baltimore rotation?

One big advantage: Soon, we'll open the Scranton roster, being able to bring up Adam Warren, Austin Romine, Frankie Cervelli, Chris Dickerson and Corey Wade. The cavalry is coming!

And let's not rule out the chance of Brain Cashman pulling off some waiver coupe. Whatever we need, he's patrolling the wires as we speak.

Also, if the team tanks, it will be easier for the Steinbrothers to shrink payroll down to the ideal $187 million next spring! Things couldn't be coming up rosier! Lalalalalalalalala. Hey, look, a revolver! I wonder if it's loaded?

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