Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meatloaf (Yankee fan, by the way) underestimated by 9 percentage points our baseline for contentment

He should have said...

I want you, I need you. 
But there ain’t no way  
I’m ever gonna love you 
Now don’t be sad. . .  
Cause THREE out of FOUR aint bad.
(Because it aint.)

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John M said...

It coulda been a sweep. Bad pitching, bad late inning situational hitting, bad managing (wow, Joba is sucking wind--let's leave him in a long time and save the good guys!).

These are the failures that come back to haunt you. Either in 'best record' for home field, or because poor execution becomes something you think you can win with. Until the playoffs make it clear that, nope, you can't.

We settled for 3 out of 4. Settled. A lousy game all around. Hold the meatloaf.