Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time To Make A Call

My thanks to Mustang for giving me the technical assistance to get back in the game.

That aside;  Where do the Yankees go this year?  What have we seen to give us clues?

I have seen most of our starting pitchers get knocked around.  Including CC, of course, but Tanaka had some bad innings too.  He may be "working on stuff," but he was grooving a lot of his pitches while polishing his craft.  And I maintain that a tear is a tear, and it becomes a rip and then a phone call to Dr. Andrews.  The other starters are mostly a mystery to me.

Bettances is a worry , although I hear the argument that, " those 6'8"-6'10" guys need a while to find their arm slot." That's why he could never be a starter, right?  Randy Johnson was the only one who could.  But Bettances found it last year, during spring training, right? And, therefore, what?  Trouble?

The idea of a " closer by committee" has no appeal to me.  It is a way of saying, " we have no closer." And I do not like any of our lefties.  I just don't think they have a good command of the strike zone.  And if they pitch from behind in the count, the hitters will jump on their grooved fastballs.

I like Didi much more than I thought I would.  He is young, can run, has a gun for an arm and, maybe, can hit.  Drew at second, seems a weak link.  But he is a decent defender.  Headley is good in every way. And Tex could have a bounce-back year in him.

I don't think the back-up first baseman can hit at all.  But A-Rod looks pretty decent.  And can play third when Headley needs a break.  I am the only person dismayed by the horrible spring Gardy has had.  Okay;  he is a fine Yankee and will produce.  Jacoby is showing signs of fragility.  And Beltran was a mistake signing for three years.  He just won't hit well enough to come close to justifying what we paid for him.  Chris Young is still a Met to me. 

McCann is a solid catcher, a medium level threat when at bat.   Romine may stay because no one wants him and he is out of options.  Murphy is better  but has options, so he plays everyday at Scranton, and stays ready.  Sadly, neither one of them can hit much.  And neither is known for A level defense.

Most distressing;  there will be no young gun to root for.  By the time the team comes north, Refsnyder ( hitting about .400 ) will be in Scranton, working on his fielding.  Pirela will be having concussion recovery therapy at Scranton's Hooters, post-game.  Heathcott, Judge, Austin all fade into the coal dusted fields of eastern Pennsylvania.  To re-surface next spring.  To what end, I have no idea.

From all this, I say an average to above average team if all the good things coalesce.  Injuries and poor performance loom ,and could push this team closer to .500.  Boston has already won this division.  But is Toronto or Baltimore or Tampa a player anymore? 

Yanks have a shot at the one game play-in.


Mustang said...

A balanced, not entirely pessimistic preview? An ALPHONSO SHOCK if there ever was one!

Clem said...

Tanaka is a shadow of the stud the Yanks overpaid for, and will not doubt be headed for Tommy John surgery by June. Sabbathia is finished, and the rest of the rotation is a series of question marks. The offense is a disaster. This is a last-place team. Time to start dealing with reality.

BernBabyBern said...

CC's struggles to keep his ERA under 5 and Tex's struggles to keep his average over .210 ... that's the interest we are paying on the cost of that 2009 title. If Tanaka is not the pitcher he was early last year, then we will need Pineda to be a 20-game winner to contend. We could finding ourselves looking at Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy and wishing they were we searing pinstripes again.