Friday, September 4, 2015

I Have Always Loved Stephen Drew

This morning, I am sitting in a Brasserie (bar ) on Rue de Guerre, sipping a coffee and a digestif, when I opened IIHIIF.

It occurs to me that the way to evaluate Stephen Drew's 2015 hitting is to look at month by month results.  I don't have good wifi here, and they do not print baseball stats in Le Monde, so I cannot quote you the specifics.  However,  you will find a monthly BA pattern that ranges from the low .100s in March /April, to .300 plus in August/Sept.

And if you look back on my musings about the fellow on this blog, I'm sure you find a consistent pattern of support from me.  Unlike el Duque, I am rarely incorrect.

Aaah, another "whiskey Breton" has just arrived to sweeten my morning, and re-enforce the accuracy of my memories.

Have a nice day!


Dutchfan said...

No there is an uplifting post!
The crisp, early autumn European air permeates this blog.
Take the train to Rotterdam and I will immerse you even further in the wonderful and joyous vibes from the old continent.

I do get carried away at times.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


Excellent time for such a breakfast.

I think it may be clouding your memory a bit though. Not to worry, you won't remember that it did.

Tom said...

without your support, Alphonso, it's pretty clear that Drew would have been relegated. Girardi would have caved in to the terriers of blogdom without your stalwart support.

Mustang said...

Alphonso, if I remember correctly, you also always loved Chris Young.