Saturday, September 19, 2015

Seven-Year Ellsbury stays in Yankee RBI Top 10, but Chris Young - with one last night - increases his lead for the 10th spot

1. Brian McCann 87
2. Alex Rodriguez 83
3. Mark Teixeira 79
4. Brett Gardner 65
5. Chase Headly 60
6. Carlos Beltran 53
7. Didi Gregorius 52
8. Stephen Drew 44
9. Chris Young 41
10. Jacoby Ellsbury 30


Anonymous said...

RBIs are a useless 20th century stat.

You can pick any modern stat and you'll still see embarrassing results for this team, so don't be afraid.

Leinstery said...

The eighth and ninth inning is exhibit A why Girardi needs to go. Overmanager of the year.

jdrny said...

Over management is correct.
5-0 leading in ninth. Brings in closer with 2 outs.
The previous two hits were weak ground balls that didn't make it to outfield so he pulls the kid for Miller.
And why send A-Rod up to pinch hit in eight against a right handed pitcher when you have a 5-0 lead???

jdrny said...
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joe de pastry said...

not fair to judge a lead-off hitter based on his RBI total.
the real problem is his mediocre OBP.

John M said...

Joe de Pastry would be a much better manager than Joe Girardi.

One man's opinion.