Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You Can Go Home Again, in Baseball.

Hello America.

I was not able to watch the Yankees for 34 days.  Occasionally, I was able to log on to IIHIIF for news and updates.

I see that the team lost Tex for the year ( which we predicted earlier ), and that A-Rod's offensive contributions were waining as the days grew shorter ( also predicted ).

Last night, I watched and nothing had changed.  Nova pitched better than normal for about 5 innings; the Yankees could not score more than one run for him;  most bunting attempts were absurd; and Ivan finally got whacked with the long ball.

To me, the failure of the offense remains stasis.  Without a flurry of two and three run home runs from Beltran, Mc Cann or the kid, the Yankees just cannot generate consistent offense.

And few pitchers, or combinations of them,  can give us nine innings of 1 run ball.

So we lost to the team that, just the day before, crawled out of the cellar.

The one game play-in slot is still not secure, but we will likely get there.

Then, we'll go home again.


el duque said...

Good to have you stateside. Don't ever go away again.

Mustang said...

Welcome back, Fonz!