Sunday, September 13, 2015

Though we may hate ourselves for bothering to care, John Sterling has unveiled the Dustin Ackley HR call

"Dustin goes bustin'!"


joe de pastry said...

Our trade deadline acquisition pays dividends!
We have become what the Mets used to be.
Led by an owner too cheap to do what the team needs to be champions, we blow a lead and become embarrassing.
But we "played meaningful games in September!" That's the goal now: Stay in the playoff race long enough to keep the fans interested and hopeful, but don't risk part of the owners' huge profits to make the team a likely champion.
And don't tell me about the $200 million payroll; we were kings of New York, so we've got more money than everybody else, so we should spend more than anybody else.
That malarkey about untouchable prospects is just an excuse to load the roster with inexpensive players who may be just good enough to still be playing meaningful games in September. That's the reason for the wildcard teams; make lots of teams' September games "meaningful." Call me an old fogey, but I hate seeing second [or third!] place teams in the World Series.
George did a lot of dumb things, but he was always more interested in winning than in maximizing profit, which, ironically, wound up maximizing profit.
His kid plays it safe. Meaningful games in September are good enough for him.
Were they good enough for you?

John M said...

No, Joe, a thousand times no! They were not good enough!

And to be honest, the two teams with the best records in the league should go to a best of 7 to see who goes to the Series. You win a division but you don't measure up? Too bad. Both teams in the same division? Too bad.

You play to win as many games as possible and if you're in the top two, you get to duke it out.

But this, of course, will hurt the billionaires' revenues because people won't come to see mediocre teams in September or even August. Which is what the sport is based on now.

And the more mediocrity, the better, it seems.