Friday, March 17, 2017

A jokey from Joggy: Mariners squeezing money out of Can't Run Cano

Seattle spoofs an icon of his former town. A little bit ironic, doncha think?


JM said...

Too many Cano mentions there. They should have thrown Jay Buhner into one of those slots as his second banana.

Concept: B-
Execution: C-
Lack of Jogging: D-

By the way, Duque--I don't think you have any control of this, but I'm a big fan of the street numbers and street signs. The mountains and storefronts are not as interesting, somehow. Is there any way to get "people with nose glasses" in the rotation? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, John, I would AT LEAST like something other than what I get when I petition the MI Governor's office....boring, getting the same ol, same ol' - - pince-nez would definitely liven it up a bit - - or perhaps, tweaked gonads, or somefink.... LB (No J)