Friday, March 10, 2017

"For Michael, it’s consistency more than anything else,” Girardi said. “Because we see how dominant he can be. Some innings can be really, really easy, and then he’ll get in a little blip.”

Mission accomplished! After six harrowing years, the mystery of Michael Pineda has been solved.

It's consistency. That's his bugaboo.

Write this down: If Pineda can get some consistency, his problems will vanish. He needs consistency, as opposed to inconsistency. 

Yep. I think we got it. Having now identified the ailment, we can fix it. In the past, we weren't sure why Pineda would rip through opposing lineups like castor oil through Harrison Ford when, suddenly, kaboom... six runs in! What happened? we'd ask. Why did Pineda fall apart. Now, we know. Lack of consistency. 

Yesterday, Pineda pitched three innings, giving up two runs. Out of the blocks, he gave up three hits in a row - doink, bang, doink - and then he slaughtered the last eight batters like zombies in The Walking Dead You know what his problem was? Inconsistency.

How do you beat inconsistency? Focus. My bet is that the esteemed Yankee brain trust will push for more Pinedian focus in 2017. They'll have him concentrate... think... focus. No shiny objects to distract him. No pine tar slathered along his neck. Pure, unadulterated, felony-grade focus

Yes, it's time to declare war on inconsistency! We have great reason for hope. Over the last two years - 59 starts and 330 innings - Pineda's ERA has remained well above 4.00 and drifting towards a Sidney Ponsonian 5.00. In fact, he's shown that he can be quite consistent. Thus, if Pineda becomes a bit more inconsistently inconsistent, rather than consistently inconsistent... he'll be a star!

Okay, now what do we do about Headley?


Parson Tom said...

Discipline. That's what he needs: Discipline. You can't be consistent if you're not disciplined in your approach on a consistent basis.

JM said...

Girardi is such a...tool, I think the word is.

Pineda is progressing. His 3.60 Spring ERA is only less than a run lower than his midseason form. What Harrison Ford (castor oil or no) is to landing small planes, Pinata is to pitching. Close...almost...nearly there...

He's still a head case, he's always been a head case, and he will remain a head case.

I'm not being negative here, I'm really positive he's a head case.

KD said...

May I suggest a shock collar? Pretty sure you can get one on Amazon. It's the only thing my sister can use to focus the drifting mind of her black lab.

Alphonso said...

This is why all interviews with managers ( and players ) must be banned. Let reporters make up their own stuff. It is likely better and more accurate.

To say something as stupid as, " he needs more consistency, " is embarrassingly idiotic. Don't these people have IQ's?

How about, " He needs to win more games? Or, He needs to pitch more innings in which he gives up no runs?"

Please, spare us.

We get enough alternative truths each day, as it is.

Beana27 said...

To say something as stupid as "BLIP" is embarrassingly idiotic!!

Anonymous said...

Once again, our fabled leader, Joey Blue-Binders, has solved an Aristotelian conundrum for us!! Huzzah for Joey, manager fer' ever!!

I think he cooks Randy Levine's dinner, in the off-season....or maybe even Prince Hal's (on days when he's smiling - - no castor-oil needed). LB (No J)