Monday, March 20, 2017

Did a foot injury to JD Martinez just clear the way for a Gardner deal?

That's what Christian Kouroupakis opines today on, and while I consider bloggers to be moronic blowhards - (Example: Me) - this post taps a wellspring of Kool-Aid we've sought to bathe in for weeks. It's spring fever! It's crunch time! And since January, we've been waiting for some semi-contender like Detroit to lose an OF, boosting our leverage in a Brett Gardner-for-hostages exchange.

According to Kouroupakis - (whom I suspect has no problem spelling Higasioka) - the Tigers are clutching their pearls over JD Martinez' "sprained mid-foot," which happened this weekend while making a catch. It's not broke, not stubbed, not mangled in a lawn mower - it's not even the whole foot, it's the mid-foot, so we're probably talking - oh, hell, I dunno, you tell me - weeks? But these sprained mid-thingys are tricky, and Detroit has been sorta looking for a lead-off hitter and - hell, I can talk US into the trade, the question is, would Detroit bite? 

It sucks that we discuss swapping Gardy as if we're trying to find a home for our old college dorm refrigerator. But why kid ourselves? One of the reasons for his crapola spring - (hitting .205, five points above the disillusioned Rob Refsnyder) - could be Gardner's underlying certainty that, at any time, Cashman might ship his ass to some baseball-city-equivalent to Zambezi. He's watched Clint Frazier (.343), Gleyber Torres (.444), Dustin Fowler (.250, 2 SB) and Billy McKinney (.389) grab the Gammonites' attention, and he has to wonder if there'll be a place for him in the lineup come July. Bloggers tap their toes and blather about trades, but unless some team frees us from four more years of Jacoby Ellsbury, we have only Gardy to trade. 

Thus, every time an OF for a wild card-hopeful tweaks a gonad, we'll go through this mating dance with Gardner's psyche. It's a bad deal, but it's the reality of late March.

Hey, it's been a great spring! Eleven days to ignition. Hold on, everybody. Now come the trades.


JM said...

The key to getting rid of your old dorm refrigerator is to just leave it when you move out. This might work with Gardner. The Yankees leave their last "away" game of Spring Training, but he stays on the field, cracking sunflower seeds. The home team thinks, "Hey, he must be one of ours." They take him in and discover he's a pretty good outfielder. They adopt him. End of story.

Alphonso said...

The mid foot sprain might also be the dreaded, " Lis-franc " injury.

But, to answer the question about a possible interest in Brett Gardner; the answer is no.

Detroit has 5 young studs waiting in the wings. And Detroit is not like Yankees. They will play young guys.

They are never going to be so desperate that our Brett earns trade interest.

No, no and no.

Do you feel me?