Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Yankees are the beasts of spring! Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

The 2017 Yankees look like a team of grapefruit destiny. Every game, a new March hero steps forward. Yesterday, Chase Headley! As we near the spring season All-Star break - aka the Ides of March - the Evils stand at 12-3. If the exhibition playoffs were held today, we'd have home field advantage! 

Right now, the exhibition All-Star Team - voted by exhibition fans - would include Greg Bird at first base, Matt Holliday at DH and Tyler Wade at SS. The Tampa Yanks would be considering a plaque for Jacoby Ellsbury (.353) in their Exhibition Monument Park. And Chris Carter would have struck out in half his exhibition plate appearances.

We should be pumped, am I right? Bigly springs create bigly momentum to be carried into the regular season, right?

In fact, this is the worst thing that can happen. I looked it up.

AL Spring Champ... Spring Record... Season Record... Finish
2016 Angels... 19-8... 74-88... 4th
2015 Oakland... 22-11... 76-86... 5th.

2014 Tampa...16-7... 77-85... 4th.
2013 Royals... 25-7... 86-76... 3rd.
2012 Toronto... 24-7... 73-89... 4th.
2011 Royals... 20-10... 71-91... 4th.

Teams that try to hard in March are like homely women who wear too much makeup, or comedian Rip Taylor. In fact, we need a nice, Knick-like, six-game losing streak. Right now, we are living a lie. Three weeks of half-go heroism have not filled any holes. Our best hitters - McKinney (.545), Wade (.450), Bird (.429), Torres (.412) and Fowler (.350) - certainly foster hope for the future, but on April 1, we'll trot out practically the same lineup that finished 4th last year. And if past is prologue, we will remain also-rans.

But but BUT... the year AFTER the Royals won the 2013 spring training sweepstakes, they went to the World Series. 

Lesson: Let's not start thinking a few exhibition wins mean we're a Jose Quintana trade from the Wild Card. 


Anonymous said...

Well, sure, you EXPECT the kids wanting to impress to try hard - - and if they were allowed to, they might even keep it up, all season....but WE in the Yankiverse know what will happen: the Yankee brASSES will pop their balloons, and they will be on their way to the Champion Railriders forthwith. How do I know?? Just TRUST me, guys n' gals - - I been around this block before. LB (No J)

Anonymous said...

First, the Yanks would be remiss to not explore options for a pitcher of Quintana's abilities. The Yankees have the prospects to make the deal, without risk of the future. If the White Sox continue with unreasonable demands, the Yanks walk away. It's the natural course of business, and to this point, the Yankee Brass should be commended for their actions, or lack thereof. Getting Torres to the ML's this season should not be a priority, nor, should the recently discussed thought of James Kaprielian becoming a ML pitcher this season. Rushing the kids doesn't help the team the young players, but raises the level of expectation and stress for those youngsters. Let them mature, it's only a season, or maybe two. I like the direction the Yankees are taking, and the payoff will come.

Anonymous said...

We shall see, if it's a new direction, or just the same-old, same-old....meantime, those were not the "kids" I was referring to, above, at any rate (Torres & Kaprellian) - - I'm not sure either of them are ready, yet....

I am skeptical that the Yankee brASSES are taking a "new direction", really - - if they actually hold to that, sure, I would like it, too - - anything BUT what they were doing for the past eight or so years.... LB (No J)