Sunday, March 12, 2017

Insight from a Guy Who Knows

Paul O'Neill was quoted in the New York Post as saying the following:

Ellsbury, Gardner and Headley need to have good years to take the pressure off the younger players. If you get off to a tough start, in my mind, younger players panic much easier than older players, and that’s why it’s imperative that they get off to a good start where the young guys can just get a little momentum going.
Makes sense to me.  But, is anyone here willing to bet the farm that Ellsbury, Gardner, and Headley will all have good years?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone?


Parson Tom said...

as Phil Rizzuto optimistically used to say about guys who hadn't hit the ball out of the infield in about a year, they are due for a big one.

Alphonso said...

Just a damn minute. In our new approach to Yankee optimism, we must all feel that the three named mediocrats ( my word ) will get off to torrid starts.

Jacoby is tearing up spring training; Headley is showing power and, who was the other guy?

el duque said...

Two out of three will step up.

And two out of three ain't bad.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

...Headley is showing power...

I agree that, for reasons unknown, Ellsbury is playing like it's his walk year. However, are we talking about Chase Headley, the guy who's hitting .174 this spring with a blistering OBP of .167? Chase Jordan Headley, right?

I'm asking for confirmation because I was thrown by seeing the words "Headley" and "power" all in the same sentence.

JM said...

I nominate this post for "Best Use of Typographic Effects" for 2017.

JM said...

As an aside, we got our clocks cleaned today by Atlanta, I think it was. Well, to be more accurate, CC got his clock cleaned. Six runs, all earned, on six hits in two-thirds of an inning. Naturally, Joe would have left him in except he reached his pitch count maximum.

Midseason form? Freak anomaly? You make the call.

Anonymous said...

None of this matters. We don't have the starting pitching and that's all there is to it. Even if the veterans do better than expected and the youngsters live up to the hype does anyone really believe the starting staff will keep us in the race? Anyone? Bueller?

Alphonso said...

C'mon, guys ( and babes ).

It is true that Sabathia gave us pause today, as he labored and labored and....busted.

However, I can inform you that CC is working on a new pitch ( for old players who can't win with gas anymore ), and he just wanted a chance to throw it in a game. One could say, preliminarily, " it looks like a bomb.'" And one would be correct.

Rest assured my friends, CC will be fine. Pencil him in for 13 wins.

And let's drink to that !