Saturday, August 28, 2010

Are The Yankees Soon to Become Cinderella or the Maid?

The NY Football Giants began last season as a lock to repeat. They went 5-0 out of the gate, and then collapsed due to injuries and some aging talent.

The Yankees have been " a lock" for the playoffs up until tonight.

But the clock shows 2 minutes before midnight.

We have CC and a "B" team line-up.

We have guys playing third and short ( with Derek at rest) who are great gloves, but can't sustain .200 BA's. They hit opposite field singles when lucky. Doubles require puddles.

AJ is frightful. Andy is precarious. Hughes is bordering on pitch limits. Nova and Mosely are rolls of the dice.

Derek is limping. A-Rod is limp. Berkman is Nick Johnson. Swish is hurting. Thames can't catch. Jorge is soldiering on but getting slower with every pitch. His defense is scary. Cervelli will soon be hitting .218.

Cliff Lee is 1-6 in the AL.

Tick Tock.

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Anonymous said...

"Happy Thames are here again. and again."

What a brilliant way for The Voice to call Thames' second HR of the evening. What will he think of next?