Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cameron Diaz and Arod: "Let's Build Something Togethahhhh"

The National Enquirer, which brought down John Edwards but not Carol Burnett, says Arod and Cameron Diaz are headed to Loew's to build something special...

A house of sin.

Apparently, Kate Hudson yelled too much, attracted too much publicity and when together alone, tried to beat him with her shoes. Cameron oozes cool, doesn't ovulate in public -- and is bringing home the bacon.

"Alex loves that Cam doesn't feel a need to make a spectacle of their love affair," the source said. "By not pressuring him, Cameron won him over." During the July visit, Cameron began moving clothes and furniture from storage into A-Rod's Upper West Side condo, the source said. When he travels to Los Angeles, A-Rod reportedly stays at Cameron's newly purchased $10 million, six-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills. "For now, Cam and Alex intend to be bi-coastal," said the source. "She's been telling friends as long as their new arrangement doesn't hit any bumps, they hope to be married this time next year."

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