Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuel Gauge Reads Between Empty and Vapor Dust

The Yanks' supersonic jet limped out of Toronto yesterday with the engine just barely still turning over.

Luckily, this series is behind us and we have a chance to refuel.

But the tanker ships are getting more difficult to find, and the inclement and unpredictable weather of September looms.

We have not distanced ourselves from those who would do us harm during August.

We have wasted precious fuel flying in circles.

We have added another under .200 hitting rookie. We have brought on Super Nova.

I keep knocking on the fuel gauge needle hoping it is stuck.


el duque said...

Don't talk smack about Supernova.

Write this down: WORLD SERIES MVP.

alphonso is right said...

If he becomes WORLDS SERIES MVP (I assume you are talking 2010 ), I will move into your A-frame permanently, and build a hot tub.

el duque said...

You can buy me a hot tub, but if you're planning to build me one, no thanks.

Blue is my color.