Sunday, August 29, 2010

Game 130: John & Suzyn's First-Inning Talking Points

  • For some reason they built the U.S. Cellular Field broadcast booth so the sun comes pounding in. It's like 120 degrees in here.
  • The pregame ceremony honoring Frank Thomas took forever.
  • Who decided to make this broadcast booth so that the sun comes right in?
  • This sun even makes their monitors useless.
  • Do not expect me to be able to see the baseball in this sun. [QUOTE: "It is a terrible feeling if you're us."]
  • Everybody's hurt, but you can't expect anyone to feel sorry for the Yankees.
  • If only Posada were in this game. But you gotta go with what you got.
  • The Yankees haven't been playing well.

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Rufus T. Firefly said...

I believe Wailin' Suzyn said it was over 190 degrees in the booth. The past makeup must have been melting.