Saturday, August 21, 2010

Does Joe Girardi Speak With A Forked Tongue?

Ok, who speaks the truth about Joe here. Is it Chad Jennings at lohud?
Joe Girardi has been notoriously protective of his players. Even given the setbacks to Rodriguez and Andy Pettitte, it’s hard for me to accuse him of rushing his players back from injuries.
“I talked to Alex. I talked to our trainers. I talked to our doctors,” he said. ” “Everyone felt that he was ready to go. We thought today was the day, and obviously it wasn’t.”
Girardi said he did not know of any additional tests planned for Rodriguez and said he doesn’t expect Rodriguez to go on the disabled list.
New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi allows A-Rod, Pettitte to push too hard and decisions backfire. Joe Girardi has a rule of aching thumb whenever his players tell him they are recovered from injury. He makes them sit one more day, before they return to the lineup.
But the core Yankees are an aging bunch these days, and one extra day seems inadequate, even perilous. Two extra weeks may be more like it, for the likes of these 35-somethings. For a team that speaks with grave caution about split fingernails and at times seems to operate a top-secret trainer's room, Girardi has been taking some surprising risks lately with his fragile money players.

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