Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Did I Say About The Yankee's "B" Team?

I'm sorry, but I have to say this again.

A line-up with Nunez, Pena, Cervelli and nearly anyone else cannot hit when it matters or score runs and, therefore, will not win if our pitchers give up one run or more.

Yesterday, the "B" team put up their best numbers of the season ( 2 runs; 5 hits?), but it wasn't enough.

Nova should have hit Batista.

Who cares about a high fastball over the plate? Batista didn't even have to duck, although he did.

Hit him. Shut up his mouth. What are they going to do in retaliation, hit Pena?

And why is it that when other teams face our AAA guys for the first time, we don't seem to ever win?

Nova pitched well.

He just wasn't as good as the previously 0-7 Bullringer, Bullpond, Bullfeather, Koufax, or whatever his name is or was.

Tick tock.

I hear the Rays and the Red Turds.

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adam said...

Yeah cus the Boston C-Team has treated them so well.