Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do the Math... Boston is screwed

We have 31 games left, with seven games in the loss column.

If we screw up and lose more than we win... 15 wins, 16 losses... the Redsocks must go  24-9... a winning percentage of .727.

Their winning record thus far in the season... .565 percent.

They can still do it. (SEE: NO JINX!) But it's getting late.

Today, Boston starts a 3-game series in Baltimore. The Redsocks need a sweep. Showalter will be ovulating to beat the team that has handled Baltimore so easily in recent years. That's going to be a tough sweep. 

From there, Boston goes home to face Chicago -- and Manny, who might just have another post-trade resurgence. That's going to be a tough sweep.

Then Tampa Bay visits for three.

Boston must win seven or eight out of 10.

That's a tough stretch.

They could still do it. (SEE: NO JINX) We could collapse, especially with our starters. But do the math. Boston is screwed.

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Joe De Pastry said...

All it takes is one really bad week for us, like 2-5, and one great week for them, like 7-0, and they're right back in the race. Since October 2004 I assume nothing.