Saturday, August 4, 2012

Felix in Pinstripes? Never!, He Says

After about 5 innings of flailing at Felix’s changeup (“It defies science,” Mariners shortstop Brendan Ryan insists), Yankee fans stopped waiting for the King to tire and just started drooling, the moisture dripping out of their mouths outflowing the sweat pouring from their brows on this hot, humid afternoon.

Needless to say, afterwards in the Mariners locker room a New York writer asked, “Have you ever thought about being in the other clubhouse here?”

Felix shook his and said: “No.”

“Why not?” the reporter followed up.

Felix smiled. “I’m happy, ” he said.

Eat your hearts out, suckers. As even Casey Stengel knows, you cannot win them all.


el duque said...

But... But... But... Maybe he will change his mind.

People changr their minds. Happens all the time.

Petronius Arbiter said...

He'll be here when his fastball hits Freddy Garcia territory. Book it. 1 year deal 2017.