Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Shall We Engrave For Brandon Laird's Future With The Yankees?

With the Yankees sudden trade to the Pirates, exchanging the highly-sought after Chad (?) Quarles for the third baseman wanted by all 32 (?) mlb teams, the Yankee future for AAA ( the Scranton
 travelers ) gold-glove third baseman, Brandon Laird, is now cast in stone.

Per the usual Yankee approach to their own prospects, Brandon received no consideration once A-Rod went down with his wrist fracture.

  Rather, the Yanks brought up proven failure, Ramiro Pena.  Perfect.  Just what we needed. Another certain out.

Now that they realize Pena can no longer even hit singles, they dealt one of our bullpen aces, for an extra guy on the Pirates.   A team so over-laden with talent ( most of it ex-Yankee ), that they could not find a spot for this .213 hitter.

So let's work together on etching the stone of, " another prospect trashed " for a home grown Yankee.

What shall we put on it?



Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Laird's defense is so/so, at best. They brought Pena up with the plan to use Nix at third against lefties. Pena was the most versatile of infielders with SWB. Laird's future is simple: He'll get a Sept. call-up, hit .200, and be released from his minor league deal in the offseason.

Hermodorus said...

No, YOU are an idiot.

Alphonso said...

You get my vote, Herm.

Laird's defense is excellent.

But his future is bleak.

Hermodorus said...

"Poor kid. He never had a chance."

John M said...

"I coulda been Mike Blowers."

bennyboy said...

Brandon Laird can't hit. I'm really sorry, Duque. I really am sorry. I can't hit either. That's why the Yankees refuse to sign me, no matter how many desperate letters I send to Brian Cashman and members of his immediate family.


Petronius Arbiter said...

R.I.P. Hangin Chad Cuwalz bullpen ace

Samy Dangerfield said...

Chad Qualls, Bullpen Ace Forever in Yankee Lore

Godspeed, Quail Man.