Thursday, February 20, 2014

If the Yankees have a hope for 2014, it is because of this man

It's old news, of course. But this is our new catcher, refusing to allow Milwaukee's Carlos Gomez to touch home plate after showboating on a home run.  See for yourself.

 I think I speak for the Yankiverse in hoping McCann never has to do this during his time in Pinstripes. But of all the signings this winter, I believe he's the one most likely to someday be considered a great Yankee.

We have some gamers on the Yankees. Jeter, obviously. Gardner. Robertson. Kuroda. Sabathia. Ellsbury. Beltran. If he's got anything left, Brian Roberts.

But if we have 25 guys like this, we'll be fine in 2014.

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