Monday, February 24, 2014

The Gardner extension and the Bailey signing apparently were moves to obscure the Yankee ownership's unwillingness to bid on Cuban talent

Well, it happened, just as we feared.

Saturday, the Yankees signed shoulder-weary RHP Andrew Bailey for $2.5 million, and Sunday they re-upped with the grinder, Brett Gardner, for four years - miniature bursts of spending by a franchise brain trust that spent the last month rattling a cup and begging for nickels.

Today, we get a better sense of the timing: The Retrieval Empire is going to pass on bidding for 23-year-old Cuban SS Aledmys Diaz, according to King George of the NY Post. Apparently, Diaz didn't impress in his tryout, and his agent wants too much money.

OK, I know what you're thinking: WTF do I know? And you're right. I wasn't there. Maybe it's true. Maybe the guy throws like Betty White. Maybe he can't bend down. Maybe he has ringworm. Who knows? What we do know is that it's a familiar excuse: The same one we trotted out when passing on Iglesias, Chapman, Cespedes, and other Cubans who became expensive. When it comes to high-end Cuban talent, the Yankees aren't interested. They'll sign Juan Miranda, Adonis Garcia and Ronnier Mustellier - you know, window dressing for Scranton - but run for the door, when the bids go higher.

Well, we'll see...
But if Diaz turns into a major league shortstop - or, God forbid, a star - then dog-ear this date on your Yankee Meltdown Anniversary Calendar. Because the Yankees will have wasted a rare, golden opportunity to solve their most glaring problem - who plays SS and 2B for the next 10 years - because they preferred to poor-mouth. Today, the infield pipeline is bare. If Diaz becomes a player, and the Yankees did nothing - well - I guess all we can do is make a note of it and remember, OK?

But have you seen those images from the Ukraine?

With an injury here or there, this summer, they could be snapshots of the Yankee fan psyche.


Alphonso said...

Sure as the corn is drying out in California, Gardy will be injured. $60 million is absurd.

I love Gardy, but come on.

KD said...

I too love Gardy, the "Hit Man". But please, steinspawn sirs. May we have some more outfield power? someone below age 30, maybe?

Good Afternoon Keith, said...

The Olympics are over and you can stop worrying about rioting pussies and Ukrainian malcontents. My little Ptichka provided great detail on your NSA techniques and we will make good use of them in the coming weeks, I can assure you.