Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tamping down expections, are we? Cashman expects Tanaka to go 11-11

Brian Cashman says the gold-plated, 24-0, bulwark from Japan should function as the Yankees' third starter next year, after CC and Kuroda.

Last year's number three was Andy Pettitte, who won 11 and lost 11.

Well, here's one optimistic way of viewing it: At least Cashman doesn't figure Tanaka as starter Number Four.

Last year, that was Phil Hughes. He went 4 and 14.

Let's not even discuss Number Five. That's Syd Finch Territory.


Mister D said...

Went 11-11 with what was in my opinion a much worse offense. With more run support, could be a much better record (not that wins should be used to judge a pitcher).

Alphonso said...

I still haven't been able to view this dude's ivories.

If there are any horse teeth, or misaligned canines, unfilled gaps or mis-directional molars. we are doomed.

He could be Kei Igawa's son, and we wouldn't know it.

Teeth don't lie.