Friday, February 6, 2015

Courageous city responds heroically to tragedy

Enough of the sarcasm. This is embarrassing beyond belief.

Syracuse basketball fans are trying to rally support for a scandalized program by invoking memories of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Seriously, where do you start? With the rule-breaking itself? With the self-pitying claims that these infractions happened "several years ago," and thus are not relevant? And now this incredible notion that SU is the victim? 

Should fans be bringing canned food?

The most sickening moment thus far came when Jim Boeheim - who seemed to be evolving into a benign force at SU - mourned the fact that senior Rakeem Christmas won't get a chance to play in a post-season tournament.  

By self-imposing an immediate ban, SU officials are the ones who have thrown Christmas under the bus. Does anyone really believe that they would have overruled Boeheim, considering the power he wields within the university, had he pushed for the punishment to take place next year?

If he feels so bad about Christmas, and the other student-athlete elders, he could have pushed the ban down the road and freed next year's recruits to go elsewhere. SU would have taken a full year's punishment. But everybody signed off on this, and Christmas will pay the price - and now the city is supposed to unite behind its victimized sports program? 

Wow. We just broke the hypocrisy button on the Internet. This is worse than watching that guy get eaten by the python.

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KD said...

The war on Christmas is not a myth!