Sunday, February 22, 2015

Remember when Redsock Rudy was the traitor?

As we speak, America's mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is living in terror. Assassins from the Democratic Party could be lurking on every corner. But at least the super-American is backed by the NY tabs for his unflinching patriotism in the face of Satan. 

Nevertheless, there was a time when the then-candidate for President revealed his own girlie, pink underwear. 

Sherman, set the Wayback for 2004.


John M said...

A bigger jackass has never received such incredible acclaim for simply showing up as this moron did during the 9/11 days. The whole city was damn well sick of his petty, small-minded, vindictive crap by then. The only good things that came of it were his humiliation when he tried to run for President (God forbid he ever succeeded) and the complete breakdown illustrated by his current asinine, Fox News-informed remarks about Obama and the Crusades.

I guess the best thing you can say about him is he almost makes Bloomberg look good. That's quite an achievement, considering what a prissy, arrogant, sexist, little prick and destroyer of New York's soul that Bloomie is.

Sorry. Next time I'll try to be more honest and direct...

Leinstery said...

I mean, he's not wrong. And as far as he goes for being mayor, The city was a total shithole until Rudy kicked out all the black people. His presidential run was pretty terrible, I'll agree with you on that.

Squeegeeman said...

Is it safe to come back yet?