Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Have no fear, Yankee fans: If the team fails to spend big on Yoan Moncada, the front office could land the next Ronnier Mustellier or Adonis Garcia

Hal can save big by letting Moncada go and signing this guy, infielder Andy Ibanez.

He's 22 (going on whatever) and check out this scouting report:

"At 5-foot-11, 183 pounds, Ibanez has a thicker build for a middle infielder but he’s athletic and has good body control. With fringy speed and an average arm at best, Ibanez isn’t flashy, but he has a good internal clock and a high baseball IQ, fitting best at second base. 

Down boy! Stop drooling! Yes, he could be ours.

If that report doesn't sum up Ronnier Mustellier and Adonis Garcia, I don't know what does. The Yankees certainly have mastered the art of stocking Scranton-Wilkes Barre with Cuban lugnuts. And - hey - "a good internal clock?" That means the team won't miss any bus trips!

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