Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yankees showcase burgeoning youth movement with new heir to 3B Chase Headley

YES DRIVEL CHANNEL_ (Tampa) At 39, slugger Alex Rodriguez can't be expected to play third base forever. And some fans may have wondered what the Bronx Bombers have in store as "A-Rod's" long-term heir apparent. 

Well, world, relax! Because yesterday, fans got a glimpse of the future, when young Chase Headley - up from the (cough) league last year - took grounders at third alongside the outgoing superstar.

Not since Joltin' Joe DiMaggio posed with a cherubic Mickey Mantle has a generational shift in Pinstripes stardom been so visibly on display. Headley - only (cough) years old - is part of the Pinstriped youth movement, which includes Stephen Drew, Chris Young and fire-balling Chris Capuano. 

With the "Class of '15" arriving, the future looks as bright as a supernova - wait a minute, make that an Ivan "Super" Nova! 

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