Monday, February 23, 2015

On A Shingle

I am still recovering from the nausea created by the Elton John " after party," so what I fashion here may be a bit wobbly.  And because I have ony an I-pad, I can't use visuals.

The simple truth is: times have changed.

The Yankees remain the Yankees in name and design only.  History, tradition, and an endless striving for success lie floating in the Harlem River.  We are now no different than the Royals, the Astros or any other non-competitive franchise.  Going no where.  Making endless changes of no meaning or impact.

Baseball glory is dead to the Bronx now.  Our team is laughable and will remain so.

Let's start the pool at 60 wins.  Anyone who wants to bet on 90 can have it for a car wash.

We are going to eat it ( on a shingle), and only empty rhetoric from the GM and manager will bark noise to the contrary.

The Yankee glory is only in history, not in the present or future.  Things do change.  And when George died, what we had died with him.  The change we experienced was from a verdant, life re-affirming countryside, to a desert.  To a smoking garbage dump.  Something in that range.

Can anyone list any reason(s) to remain a Yankee fan?  Any reason other than, " I am one and always have been one?"


el duque said...

This is one of the darkest days I can remember as a Yankee fan. In many respects, it is worse than losing Cano, because we are ceding this guy to the Redsocks... something I thought we would never allow to happen.

They have eaten our lunch, and they are going to do it all year.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I literally DREAD this season!

Blind Robin said...

I have heard Yankee withdrawal is painful and Redsocks fandom comes with fever blisters and a rash.