Monday, February 23, 2015

Please Mr. Steinbrenner, please, please, pleeeeeeeeze... sell the team

Wow. Was I ever wrong about the Yankees...

All winter, I thought they were actually playing it cool. I thought they were standing back and letting the big free agents go elsewhere, so they could swoop in and sign Yoan Moncada, the 19-year-old Cuban phenom. 

I actually thought they had a plan, beyond saving their billionaire owner a few more dimes. 

Wow. Wrong, wrong, wrong... 

What got into me? Stupid hope, I guess. 

It won't happen again.

Remember three years ago, when Shallow Pockets Hal announced his "get tough" initiative to reduce the payroll to $187 million, so the Yankees could escape those oppressive new luxury taxes? Back then, it seemed like he had a plan. What a joke.  As soon as the team went south, Hal started firing money at it - trying to fix problems that directly stemmed from his poor-mouthing policy over the winter. He pulled an amazing double-bank shot of mediocrity: He scrapped the $187 million plan AND fielded a crappy team!   

Folks, this is Knicks-level incompetence. 

This is what you'd get if you combined Rich Kotite DNA with Isaiah Thomas, and sprinkle in a little George W. Bush, on the inheritance side. Usually, things like this only happen in North Korea. It's the kind of mediocrity that lasts a long time. 

In fact, we may well be ceding the first two decades of this century to the Boston Redsocks. By the time Hal Steinbrenner is done looting this franchise - selling it off like the dirt in the old stadium - the notion of Yankee dominance may be a generational hiccup, remembered only by Baby Boomers. 

This morning, we are not only anticipating a horrible 2015 season - we have reason to expect a rotten next five to ten years. I don't know if I will even outlive this boob's incompetence. 

Wow. I was wrong. All this winter, I worried that I was being unfair in my criticism of  Hal Steinbrenner. Today, the billionaire has saved more of his precious, hard-inherited money. Wow. He let the guy go to Boston. I sure didn't see that coming. 


KD said...

I was wrong too. No way would they pass on this promising position player. NO WAY he would go to redsocks.


KD said...

Is it possible, short of electroshock therapy, to ditch Hal's team and become a redsock fan? It would be really nice not to live off hope and nostalgia anymore. but now I don't even have hope anymore. It's nostalgia only.

Not Anonymous said...

I came here to comment on whatever the latest post happened to be to say "SELL THE TEAM". You beat me to it.

I hope Alphonso will end the implicit Steinbrenner defense of focusing his constant vitriol on Cashman, who clearly would have outbid the Sox in 5 seconds if Hal had let him.

Some thorough investigation needs to be done of the shadow master randy levine as well.

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

Hal has to go.
Hank has to go.
Their ugly sisters have to go.
Levine and Trost have to go.
Cashman and his merry band of wannabe sabremetricians have to go. (Although do you remember your post about Cashman being a survivor? Holy cow was that right on.)

I mean, from a tactical standpoint, what can the Yankees do now? Do you sell the farm to the Phillies just so the Red Sox don't get Hamels? I think you would have to right?

Anonymous said...

lol, "hard-inherited money."