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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Alphonso's Call To Action Should Be Answered: "Truthfully, Yankee fans have much more fun going to Scranton and watching. 'What might have been.'"

Scranton Electric City Sign from Lackawanna Train Station Radisson Hotel Window


2016 Promotions | SWB RailRiders

Glow-in-the-Park Fridays highlight a blockbuster lineup of promotions, including:

  • June 3 -- Greg Bird Bobblehead Day (I bet he goes 4-4 with 2 homers and 2 doubles)
  • June 18 -- Luis Severino Bobblehead Day (does this tease a possible return to the minors?)
  • August 6 -- Joe DiMaggio Bobblehead (or possibly a Plaque -- stay tuned) Day
  • August 20 -- Mariano Rivera Bobblearm Day (I don't know what a Bobblearm is, but I bet you in 20 years we'll see old porn stars rewarded with Bobblecock Day at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas)
And that's not all...

  • Superhero Night (Mustang Night)
  • Princess & Pirate Night
  • Christmas in July
  • Star Wars Night
  • Friday the 13th
  • Teacher Appreciation Night
  • Augtoberfest
More promotions to follow.  Bookmark this site and check for updates.

UPDATED 2:10 p.m. 12/24/15


Mustang said...

I'm Bill White, you should come north for a Scranton getaway. I'm thinking Princess & Pirate Night.

Alphonso said...

Alphono? Alphono?

I kind of like it.

I'm Bill White said...


I'm Bill White said...

Princess & Pirate Night would be perfect.