Monday, December 7, 2015

Yankees willing to entertain all bad trade opportunities, as long as they don't cost money

Andrew Miller, Brett Gardner, Ivan Nova - it's a Red Dot sale in the Yankiverse... as long as it won't cost the owner any of his money. Who knows what exciting deals might be made! Let's all get excited and-

Screw this. How the hell did we get this way? How did the Yankees become the San Diego f---g Padres? (I'd say Houston f----g Astros, except most fans would trade for the Astros in a heartbeat right now.)

I know, I know, I know... people hear us Yankee fans whining and wonder how we can be so greedy. But dammit, these are the goddamm YANKEES, for Kricesake! Do fans of Ohio State football ever make peace with a losing season? Does Duke basketball cut its budget so it won't have an advantage over Wake Forest? For a Yankee owner, the bottom line should be wins and losses, not shareholder bonuses. If the owner doesn't feel compelled to do whatever it takes to win, then sell the goddamm team to somebody who does!

We are headed into Year Four of the New Yankee Dark Age, with teams geared to chase the Wild Card and pretend it's the pennant. There are free agents we could sign - or could have signed - who would have made us contenders. The money is there. The problem is our owner. He's more concerned with cutting payroll than with winning a World Series.

Somebody save us from this guy. He is becoming a reason not to root for - or to even follow - this old, boring, status quo, mediocre franchise - the second team in New York City.

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