Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thuuuuuuuuuugh vows: "John, you and I have watched these two develop for the last two years, and we always knew good things were ahead for them." John and Suzyn do a wedding

"It's time for tonight's Diamond Notes. Suzyn, the only Diamond Note that seems to be on everyone's mind is Connie's ring."

"You're right, John, it's beautiful, and I didn't think anything could look better on her than her 2009 World Series ring..."

John and Suzyn call a wedding. Is this the future of love?

This goes nine incredible minutes. You can almost picture the introductions.

"Indeed, Suzyn, well, it looks like the players are in position and ready to take the field..."

Tip of the hat to Beauregard Jackson Burnside Pickett, who adds,

"I'm concerned, that John is concerned, that John won't have a job next spring... Clearly John is in a new business, "Rent-A-John (Sterling)." The kitten bowl was explainable, he just wanted to be near young pussy for once... But what's next? Bar Mitvahs?"

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AL said...

My best man had Sterling record a HR call on his voicemail that he then played during his speech:

This 9 minute show is just a bit higher in quality.