Saturday, January 7, 2017

In four years, the Yankee Indian Power Plant Report will be no more

If it doesn't explode, kill millions and leave a thousand-year death glow over New England, the beloved nuke plant - and sponsor of the daily Yankee HR count - will close in April of 2021.

At last, maybe we've found a way to escape the infuriating in-game promos, which destroy the continuity of every Yankee radio broadcast:

Simply wait for each sponsor to go out of business.

(Note: Little Debbie Snack Cakes must be granted a reprieve. But Bigalow Tea - "the official tea of the Yankees" - needs to be dispatched to a special Hell; they also sponsor Redsock broadcasts.)

By 2021, John and Suzyn will probably be retired. But whoever replaces them in the booth will still be stuck with the constant stream of game-killing promos. Each one lands with a thud, read joylessly by the announcers, even as they pretend to be supportive, and heard by listeners so many times that the buzzwords become echos in our heads. They're so obnoxious, so tiresome that it's a wonder Yankee fans don't launch boycotts of the sponsors.


Could that be our thing for 2017? Boycott the in-game radio sponsors, and demand that the Yankees cut back on the crapola... hm-mm.


Alphonso said...

I'm game for that. However, my boycott of Peerless Boilers is unlikely to have an impact.

el duque said...

They use less fuel, and that means moah money in youh pawket.