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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday sausage links: The resistance grows

The rebel alliance is gaining strength. We shall prevail. The cap will fall. He will not divide us. He will not divide us. He will not divide us...

Another voice - a more spineless toadie appeaser - weighs in. 

Some aren’t so crazy about the MLB Spring Training garb, especially the almost zebra-like bill. However, it’s only for a short period of time … we think.

A Twitter poll claims two out of three fans like the hat. Clearly, millions of illegals are voting for the cap. We must crack down. He will not divide us. He will not divide us... 

Yankees place six on Keith Law's Top 100 prospect list. But here's the rub: Boston has three in the top 20, including Babe Benintendi, Number 1, who bathed all winter in Super Soldier Serum, according to the allegedly Boston-leaning Law. The previous top dog, Yoan Moncada, falls to 17, making the Chris Sale deal more a bargain. Our six are Gleyber Jeter, Justus Sabathia, Clint O'Neill, Aaron Jackson, James Clemens and Blake - um - Rutherford -  last year's first-rounder, whom Law adores. Jeez, it's only a list.

On another note, someone argues that Gleyber should be Number 1 on MLB Pipeline's list, to be released today. Frankly, I'm not sure Yankee fans should want their man to be top of the heap. Isn't that how you ensure disappointment? Offhand, I can only remember one Yankee prospect who was ranked Number 1: Brien Taylor. Let Benentendi have his moment. Boston is a tough city for expectations, am I right?

Murdoch's Post blasphemes God. There is a dung heap waiting in hell...

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Anonymous said...

....more like a gonad-less, toadie appeaser, Duque....I say, give the young lady a break!! First off, she's a chick - - she's entitled to like turquoise on navy; secondly, she's a HOT chick (judging by the photo always attached to her by-line) - - personally, I'd rather see HER on the other side of that hotel-room door than Erin Andrews, any day of the week; thirdly, she's a YANKEES groupie, FGS!! Be nice to her - - there must be millions of die-hard Yankiverse members out there who would KILL to meet a chick like that; fourthly, she's aspiring to be a younger version of YOU, lighten up a bit.

On the OTHER hand - - no lightening up for Steve Serby and/or Rupie's rotten rag - - good for only lining the bottom of pet's cages: to HELL with 'em, is right!! How DARE they, equate Brady & Jeter in any way, except they're both rich. FRY EM! LB (no J)