Friday, January 6, 2017

Mussina v. Schilling, which should make the Hall?

There's talk that poor, unappreciated Curt Schilling will be snubbed for Cooperstown because of his right-wing political beliefs, and a few casual, hilarious retweets about hanging journalists from trees. Comparatively, Mike Mussina's case for the Hall seems to be getting overlooked. Let's compare the two careers...

WINS: Mussina 270, Schilling 216

WON-LOSS %: Mussina: .638, Schilling: .587
ERA: Mussina 3.68, Schilling 3.46.
INNINGS: Mussina 3,562, Schilling 3,261
STRIKEOUTS: Mussina 2,813,
Schilling 3,116

SHUTOUTS: Mussina 23, Schilling 20
GOLD GLOVES: Mussina 7, Schilling 0
WINS ABOVE REPLACEMENT*: Mussina 83.0, Schilling 80.7 
WIN PROBABILITY ADDED*: Mussina 40.6, Schilling 35.2 
ERA v. YANKEES: Mussina 3.38, Schilling 4.71
POST-SEASON: Mussina 7-8, 3.42, Schilling 11-2, 2,23

*I have no idea how this is computed, but it's supposed to be relevant.
I cannot rip Hall of Fame voters for the hypocrisy of their excluding Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens on ethical grounds, and then self-righteously argue that Schilling should be denied because he is an ignorant gasbag. He is certainly not on the same plane as Bonds or Clemens, but there is a case to be made on his behalf.

But, but, BUT... If Schilling gets in, Mussina had better get in, too.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Every time Schilling tweets on this subject, every reader of IIH needs to reply to the tweet with a link to this post.

For example:

    Mike Mussina, who has better numbers, is also not in the HOF. #PutACorkInItCurt #GasBag

I'm Bill White said...

This was one of the best games that I watched in downtown Syracuse.

Mussina belongs in the Hall.

John M said...

That was an amazing game, Mr. White.

LBJ, that is an amazing tweet reply.

I have an amazingly bad hangover.

KD said...

anyone recall the post season game agianst the redsocks when Moose came in as a relief pitcher, stemmed the bleeding, and we eventually won? It's visible in my brain through the fog but I can't recall much else. All I remember was how awesome and sly Moose was. and his last season where all the regulars played in a meaningless game just to get Moose win number 20, the only 20 win season in his career.

what a great teammate he was. No bullshit. If Moose had ever had a bloody sock, that would have been REAL blood there, folks.


Anonymous said...


That was Game 7 of the 2003 ALDS -- the Aaron Boone game.