Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday sausage links

We are experiencing the gassy indigestion of January, when nothing is happening, everywhere, all the time, simultaneously. The NFL is digesting Lady Gaga. Hollywood is chewing on the Oscars. Sports Illustration is slobbering over its swimsuit edition, the polar ice shelves are cracking, and the Yankees will hit Tampa in less than a month.

Here's a quick look at the news vacuum across the Yankiverse.

From Mattingly to Mantiply. Brian Cashman heralds the acquisition, loss and re-acquisition of Joe Mantiply, who might just be this year's Billy Traber! Mantiply is the latest in a grand tradition of soft-tossing situational bullpen lefty candidates, taking his place behind Chasen Shreve, Tommy Layne and Richard Blier - names that make Big Papi want to reconsider retirement. Joe Mantiply is 25. Ladies of Scranton, put on your faces.

Hal playing cheapo with Dellin. It doesn't grow on trees, people. Looks like the Yankees will go to arbitration against Betances, trying to wrangle a extra dimes out of the guy. He wants $5 million - a pittance compared to the waste on that roster - and they countered with $3 million. You'd think middle ground is a no-brainer, eh? Nope. But in that 8th inning, it'd be a sharp drop to go from Betances to Mantiply.

Chase Headley has grown an off-season beard. (Talk about crying out for attention.) Is he dreaming about another city, another uniform, another face? We still have him for two seasons and $26 million.

Keith Law names Yankees the second best farm system in baseball. A little disappointed here. We trade our three best players, plus Brian McCann, two years after lavishing $30 million on Latino teenagers... and we're second? (Atlanta is first, Padres third, followed by Pirates and Dodgers.) I shouldn't care. When somebody has nothing to say, they put out rankings. Last year, Law had us in the middle of the pack, at 13th. He says we are "loaded."

NYC now has two El Chapos. One is the notorious, gun-toting drug lord. One is the notorious, gun-toting Yankee closer. And Trump is President. Will Randy Levine get an ambassadorship? If so, I'm rooting for Syria.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NYC also has one "El Cheapo"...Hal Steinbrenner. -m

Tom said...

followed the Headley link to this closing line, which summed up the situation with all the underwhelmed enthusiasm anyone could ever muster for this particular player:

"Headley is a perfectly fine team asset for now, and I think it is in the team’s best interest to play him and hope for the best possible performance."

Let's all put our heads together and hope. Or -- thinking out of the box here -- the Yankees could ask Sanchez to learn how to field ground balls. I'd rather watch a good field-no hit catcher like Romine than a good field-no clutch hits Headley any day. Plus, it would extend Sanchez's shelf life.

Mustang said...

They shouldn't be allowed to grow beards in the off-season.

nunruid7 said...

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Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Informationally, rankings and lists make sense -- even for this blog. How about:

-- Brian Cashman's 100 most significant mistakes (with an addendum if needed)

-- Joe Girardi's 10 worst field-manager decisions (you can run this one weekly, probably)

-- The 75 most annoying things Curt Schilling ever said (or did)

-- beyond the Mets and Donald Trump: The 10 worst things about QUEENS

and so forth

Anonymous said...

Right on, Joe!! Those columns could practically write themselves; I would humbly volunteer for such an easy assignment. LB (No J)

Beana27 said...

Chase Headley with beard kind of looks like The King Slayer, Jaime Lannister.