Friday, March 3, 2017

Trump warned us that we would get tired of winning, but I didn't think it would happen this quickly

It almost hurts, looking at these wonderful numbers. They don't matter.

We are 7-1, second best record in the AL. It doesn't matter.

Our pitching looks solid. It doesn't matter.

Greg Bird is tied for MLB leader in home runs. It doesn't matter.   Wait a minute. This fukinay matters...

What if Bird has a great spring? (He's already almost there.) Would the Yankees still go north with Bird playing every other day, platooning with Chris Carter? How often do streaky sluggers thrive in limited roles?

Out of the blocks, most of us viewed the Carter signing as a Steinbrennerian disaster - a little leftover money to spend, so let's buy another old DH.  But the more we studied it, the more sense it sorta made - Carter serving as an insurance policy, in case Bird isn't ready.

Not in our most hopeful dreams did we dare think Bird would light up Tampa. Now, he looks ready to go. And he'll be stuck in the doorway with Carter?

Listen: It's way too early to gauge anything. NONE OF THIS MATTERS. Bird's shoulder could flare up tomorrow, leaving us with Carter at 1B until the end of time. And check out the Incredible Mr. Choi's output - 0-2 with two strikeouts.

One other thing: Two homers now... can we dare start looking at Billy McKinney as a future corner OF across from Clint Frazier? Or as a mid-season trade chip for a third starter, just in case Michael Pih-pih-pih... I can't type the name... in case he doesn't pan out?


John M said...

If Hal, Cash, and Joey Binders let the kids play, it could be an exciting season. God knows it would be more interesting than the past few.

If they let the kids play. Big if.

Alphonso said...

I think you missed placing a red circle ( emphasis ) around 3rd base prospect Andj├║ar. Or fruit jar. Or whatever he is named.

I am hoping he starts at third, even tho only 20. Part of my new optimism.