Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dewayne Wise waived: Has the Curse of the IIH/Lunchables Yankee Employee of the Month returned?

 Yesterday brought sad news. The Yankees jettisoned Dewayne Wise, tossing him back into the sea.

Listen: This was no Darnell McDonald situation. Dewayne hit big home runs for us. He stole bases, ran down flies, pitched, and starred in one of the most memorable moments of the season - the great non-catch in left field.

Gone. Ichiroed. Trade deadline roster move.


Later today, according to the ancient rules of Yankeedom, we must begin electing Mr. July. But after the fate of Mr. June, should we fear the results? 

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John M said...

If Wise was 40 or 45, we would have kept him. 34 is far too young to fit into the Yankees crotchety movement.