Thursday, August 2, 2012

Order in the Bleachers

Three cheers for Justice Sotomayor!
The “wise Latina” knows what summer break’s for.

She’s not with Dick Cheney, slaughtering birds,
Or at a think-tank retreat with blue-suited nerds.

Sonia got the hell out of Washington quickly
Went up to the Bronx and, not being picky,

Bought a ticket and dog, and hunkered down grinning
In the right field bleachers with a guy named “Bald Vinnie”

She cheered while her Bombers flattened the O’s,
Heckled Zach Britton and lauded Cano.

While it’s doubtful this impacts much of her work,
I think she should hire Bald Vinnie as clerk.



el duque said...

Let's hope Michael Kay,
when he next hollers "SEE YA!"
Yells, "That shot deep to right
Took out Anton Scalia."

JamesFinnGarner said...
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Alibi Ike said...

When the home run cleared, there
Was chaos in the stands,
While Clarence Thomas glowered
And sat on his hands.

el duque said...

The ball hit Scalia
Right square in the knee.
"That hurts," the judge yelled.
Clarence said, "I agree."