Sunday, April 5, 2015

It Begins Tonight, but Not For Us.

Everyone, after you finish coloring eggs and inviting Elijah in through the screen door, have a beer and a crown royal shot.

Baseball is back.

Everyone is 0-0.  Each team has a chance for glory, while facing a road that can be filled with triumph, tragedy or both.

Teams who seem to have it all can quickly be ravaged by disappointment or injury.  Teams that have nothing..... well, they usually wind up with nothing.  But at least their fans get to see
some " prospects" play.

I was pleased to see that the concussion guy, Pirela, is listed as our back-up second baseman.  Only, of course, because Ryan tweaked a leg muscle and is on the DL.  No one makes the Yankees on merit.

I think this blog should plan a massive road-trip this summer to Scranton, so we can eat BBQ chicken and watch our prospects.  If tickets are too hard to get, we can always go to Trenton.  I don't know if there is anything to eat there, but tickets will come cheap.  And we have prospects there as well.

I think all of our prospects are outfielders or, with the one exception ( Refsnyder ), former outfielders.

Tomorrow at the stadium, it will likely be in the mid-forties.  Perfect weather to aggravate a slightly torn elbow ligament. 

If you have tickets, dress warmly and buy sushi at the concession stands.

We need all the JU-Ju we can muster.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

I will be at the stadium tomorrow. Here are some thoughts:

The forecast is for a partly cloudy day, 62 degrees.

I will cheer when A-Rod is introduced.

I will front-load a fair amount of beer in a parking lot before the game, to minimize the number of $12.50 cups I purchase once inside.

If Didi Gregorius commits an error, I will fondly remember people screaming "Mattingly woulda had it!" 19 years ago when Tino Martinez made an error on Opening Day.

The guys I go with have a pool for first hit of the season and first HR of the season. When my time comes to pick who will hit the first Yankee HR of the season, I may be stumped for a selection. We may have a 9-way push.

If anyone who contributes/reads is going tomorrow, have fun.

el duque said...

God speed you LBJ!

pepitone said...

In a dreamlike state of a post Easter brunch nap, a young Frank Crosetti emerged from a cornfield and said Ellsbury would lead off with a bomb. He indicated that I could "bet the house" on it.

el duque said...

I will be back Tuesday night, full of pent up, volcanic smegma, ready to burst if the Yankees are not 1-0.

John M said...

I would go if it was 10 degrees warmer and I didn't have to work. But LBJ, have a great time and make sure to dress warmly. If your seats are in the shade, 62 isn't that hot, especially if there's a breeze.

Hard liquor can help. Just a thought.

Blind Robin said...

"Volcanic smegma"? That sounds serious.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I've been going to Opening Day over the past 32 years, and today wasn't the nicest weather ever, but it was the nicest weather in the past 10 years, easy.

Regardless, today's game sucked. It started with a long line at the metal detector and went down from there. Our ace gave up six runs and the Blo-Jays pitcher had a no-hitter going for a good while. I seriously thought we were going to be shut out.

What I saw today isn't something ju ju is going to fix.